Mas de Noguera is situated in a mountainous zone between the Palancia and Mijares rivers, is within walking distance of the Sierra de Cerdana, and is close to the conflux of the Espina and Espadan (natural park). It is approximately 7 km from Caudiel and is close to the villages of Benafer, Pina and Montan.

It consists of four buildings which are composed of and used for the following:

  • Authentic house (masia) as a residence for permanent members.

  • Brick bread oven.

  • Lecture hall-laboratory.

  • Resource center-library-audiovisual room.

  • Meeting hall.

  • Multiple use hall, 100m of wood flooring.

  • Reception hall with fireplace.

  • Hostel with 4-6 person rooms.

  • Bathrooms and hot water showers.

  • Dining hall and kitchen service.

  • Workshop for renewable energies.

  • Wind and solar generator.

  • Natural water purifier.


  • School stays during vacation time for children and young people.

  • Stays for adult groups during any time of the year, doing your own programs or programs of Mas.

  • Weekend stays for groups who are interested in proving their own programs.

  • Psychological activities, hiking, bicycling.

  • Meetings and get together.

  • Natural environment work camps.

  • Educational courses: Rural tourism, nature guides, monitor of environmental education, biological agriculture and other courses related to the rural and natural environment.


What Mas de Noguera offers to its visitors is based on the resources of the natural environment, on its facilities and team of professional educators of the environment, on occupational formation, and on fun and interesting activities that may include, for example, activities with farm animals or agricultural techniques.

We are able to offer an abundance of experiences which include the following:

  • Environment education

  • Education in rural and environmental techniques

  • Rural tourism free time

  • Varied stays



We offers diverse courses for children and adults that cover the demand for themes related to the natural environment, and promote ecological development of the rural environment.

Some of the courses we offer are the following; apiculture, rural tourism, monitors of the natural environment, guides in the preservation of nature, aromatic and medicinal plants. One learns how to utilize and preserve the natural environment through these courses taught by professional educators.

What is Mas de Noguera?

Twelve years have passed… the birds have returned with the children. The silence of abandonment that was dominating Mas, as in so many rural areas, was full of sounds, of bustle and conversation, of serene solitude and waiting.

They labored is barren lands and collected its first fruits. The sheep and goats laid in the mountains and the rooster was announcing the dawn of day. They put up new roof tiles and erected new walls. The fire altered the aroma of the golden bread, and in the evening the freed water was saturating the dried earth of the vegetable garden.

You will ask yourself why the people at Mas labored so hard to transform the abandoned masia into what it is today. To understand think of a group of people with a vision of living and working in the country, opening up new roads to an old world, and putting into practice and active, not directive, education that reaches the roots of life and nature, that allows people to make a connection with each other and enrich one another.

You know, it’s difficult to explain to you what is Mas de Noguera. We can tell you that it is a hostel, a place of encounters, an environmental education center, and a place where the relation between nature and the rural and agricultural worlds can make sense.

It is place where you can do things like hike or learn about herbs, or with others have your own get together or hold your own courses. Perhaps you can begin to understand the meaning of ecological development or social economy. And if you would like to learn about doing new things for yourself such as learning how to make bread or learning self-relaxation techniques, while sharing your knowledge and learning with others, think about spending some time with us in Mas.

Something I have learned, and will know, until death, that is sound for all: what do your feelings signify if you do not do anything with them? And what will be your knowledge if it does not have any consequence?

I tell you this:
Let us worry when you abandon this world, to have been good; that is not enough, one should have left a better world.